About me

I hold a degree in vocal pedagogy from the Conservatoire de Lausanne (CH) and have taught private students in Switzerland and Slovenia.

In my opinion, teaching vocal technique is a wonderful way to help people of all ages and backgrounds to get to know themselves a bit better and have fun. Each person has a special and unique way to express him- or herself through music and I greatly enjoy discovering new horizons of singing with every single one of my students.

I was first introduced to diction and the IPA (International Phonetic alphabet) during my studies in Lausanne and have been improving my knowledge of the matter eversince. Being a native German speaker, I have helped out non-German speaking singers with their pronunciation for as long as I can think of, but after moving to Slovenia I decided to take it to the next step and professionnaly teach diction for singers.

So far I have collaborated with Prof. Breda Zakotnik at her masterclass of Hugo Wolf interpretation in Slovenj Gradec (2008 and 2009) as well as taught diction at the Mozarteum in Salzburg (2008) in addition to working with singers from Slovenia and Italy on a regular basis.

My extensive experience of public appearance is not limited to singing but has also been enhanced by my work at the Olympic Museum Lausanne. Speaking to audiences that range from a single person to 200 people in 4 languages has helped me to improve my skills to deal with different cultural backgrounds and to face various dynamic environments.

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