Diction for singers

While an accent is charming and does not bother in spoken language, it can be very disturbing for the audience when a singer mispronounces the words of a piece of music.

In most cases, composers were inspired by a specific text or poem when writing their music,  so they were (and still are) very aware of the words and their sounds. A translation will never convey the exact same sense and emotion as the original.  It is the responsability of all singers to understand and share them  with their listeners in the most genuine way possible, even if the original language is foreign.

Diction for singers doesn't seek for them to speak a language perfectly but rather to know how to pronounce a language when it is used for singing and to recognize specific patterns and rules in order to prevent mistakes in pronounciation.

If you want to improve your pronounciation of German, French, English or Italian or don't know how to pronounce certain words in a song, don't hesitate to contact me!

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